4 Apr

This weeks Dancer/Choreographer shout out goes to the future of Toronto Dance T.D.O.T. Young Bucks!! My first young buck shout out goes to Keep ‘N’ It Real (KIR). The Keep ‘N’ It Real Dance Troupe was started in 2000 by Yhulan Walters a child youth worker. She began her Arts and Entertainment initiative at the Toronto Parks and Recreation centre creating an after school program for girls in Jane and Finch.  Ms.Walters is committed to the community and helping youth achieve responsibility, acceptance and self-knowledge, through artistic expression.   Keep ‘N’ It Real began a summer program for kids ages 6-16 in 2008. The troupe currently has 3 main girls Tania 15 started 7 years ago, along with Ms. Walters she does the KIR choreography.  Shaii-Anna 14 has been with the Troupe for 6 years and Jessica 14 the youngest has been in the troupe for 4 years. KIR has performed at many major events like STOMP Urban Dance Competition, Won a $1000 dollar prize at the North York So You Think You Can Dance showcase and most recently they performed on the Juno’s red carpet affair with Shawn Desman and Danny Fernandes.  KIR has continued to gain recognition over the last 10 years having received several certificates and medals for their accomplishments and achievements. The girls still being in school continue to practice and work hard every Friday and Saturday.  Living by the motto that life begins with movement Ms. Walters feels their is no better way to express yourself then through grace, style and rhythm, Forever Keep ‘N’ It Real!! These young girls are making moves towards a bright future in the Professional working Dance world. Check out what these young bucks had to say in this weeks shout out.

Bio written by Nikki

             You Tube KeepNItRealTroupe

Nikki: Do you remember when you first starting feeling passionate about dance?

KIR: We began dancing in Elementary school practicing during all of our recesses

Nikki: What makes you enjoy Dancing and Choreographing?

KIR: We like to create our own Choreography in collaboration with Ms. Walters. We enjoy expressing ourselves through movements in our dances and we Keep IT Real!!!

Nikki: Do you want to be professional Dancers once you get a little older and are able to get out on your own?

KIR: We want to pursue dancing in the future and hopefully one day make it on to So You Think You Can Dance Canada. We would also like to own a Dance Studio and maybe go to L.A to expand our opportunities in Dance.

Nikki: What would you like to tell other young Dancers when it comes to free styling?

KIR: Keep it Clean, “Keep it Real“, Keep it Strong.

Nikki: Can you name some of your biggest influences in the Dance industry?

KIR: Some of our biggest influences are JaeBlaze from Toronto. Chris Brown, Ciara and Aaliyah to name a few.

Nikki: What Toronto Choreographers have you worked with that continue to influence KIR?

KIR: Choreographer’s we have worked with that influence us are Tuch, Leon, Hollywood, Tazz and Busy Rated.

Nikki: Are you currently working on any Dance Projects?

KIR: We just did the Juno’s red carpet affair with Shawn Desman, we are working towards Stomp and the Just BGraphic Initiatives. Watch for us we may be coming to a community near you 🙂  We would like to say Peace Out and Keep it Real!!

Big Thank You To Ms. Walters, Tania, Shaii-Anna and Jessica for being part of T.D.O.T.  XO

Checkout Keep ‘N’ It Real at the Car show

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