2 years of T.D.O.T. Feature #60 Jasmyn Fyffe

31 Jan
On January 24th 2013 we celebrated 2 years of  T.D.O.T and 93 Dancer/Choreographer Features. For the month of Jan I decided to reach out to the 93 Dancers and see what they’ve been up to. Our final look back before we start a new Feature on Feb 4th goes to Jasmyn Fyffe who was first featured on March 6th 2012.

 Name 1 of your biggest accomplishments for 2012?


Jasmyn: So highlight of 2012 was my company concert “interlock”. It was a huge success for me with 3 sold out shows out of four, great feedback and reaction from the press and the audience. Great milestone for me.


Nikki: Any projects you would like to promote or share that you have coming up in 2013?

Jasmyn: This year I will be producing my work in Montreal as part of the Montreal Fringe Festival. I am really excited about this!!!

Check out Jasmyn’s full feature  HERE



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